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Our Service Coordinators have been trained by licensed insurance adjusters. This provides you an advantage as our team has inside knowledge on how to navigate through the entire claims process.

We suggest that a Tiger Exteriors Service Coordinator inspect your property to confirm the extent of damage prior to filing an insurance claim.

Process of filing a claim:

  1. Initial Inspection: A Service Coordinator will inspect your roof and home to determine if you have sufficient damage to file an insurance claim.
  2. File Claim: A Service Coordinator will walk you through filing an insurance claim with your insurance carrier.
  3. Insurance Inspection: Tiger will assist the insurance adjuster by providing contractor services in the form of property inspections, photos, estimates, satellite imagery, drone services, equipment use access and other research related to the property.
  4. Claim Summary: Once the storm damage has been verified by your insurance company, you will receive a claim summary with an explanation of approved coverage.
  5. Supplement Process: Providing essential details to your insurance company that allows them to properly include all items, so the Installation is completed per the manufacturer’s recommendations and state and local building codes.

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